There is NO Quick Fix for Depression 

Everyone is unique. The same chemicals that are released in my brain at a particular time may not be released in yours. Thats why there are so many different types of medication for depression. Some work on most people, but not everyone. And if they do work to help the depression, the side affects could be terrible. 

Finding the right medication takes trial and error and a lot of time.

I started on Cipralex. I got terrible headaches for 2 weeks after I started it. I didn’t start to feel better until a few weeks later but slowly I did. I slept better, got out of bed, and began to feel happy. Until I was put on Marvelon for another condition. 

I sank deep into a depressive episode. I called in sick to work, i wouldn’t get out of bed. I couldn’t sleep or eat. So my doctor switched my medication. 

I was weened off the Cipralex and put on Cymbalta. I was also given Ativan to help with the anxiety. Again it took a few weeks but I began to feel normal. But there were side affects with this drug too. Sweating. I would sweat just walking up stairs where as before I rarely perspired. Night was the worst because I would sweat through my pyjamas until they were dripping wet. 

After several weeks the sweating got better but even months later I still perspire much more than I should. But that is a side affect I can deal with not to be depressed.

I am lucky medication wise compared to some people. Many have tried medications for years and still haven’t found their match. It is hard and it is frustrating but it is also worth it. 


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